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From PayRoll to PayRise - How to Earn Big Money & Enjoy Massive Freedom as an IT Contractor
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Join David Gerrish for this
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International IT Contractor since 1996

This exclusive online training will be a 90 minute LIVE event

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Learn from my 21 years experience as an IT Contractor!
The things holding YOU back held ME back too!
Learn essential skills for your new career as an IT Contractor!
From PayRoll to PayRise -
How to Earn Big Money & Enjoy Massive Freedom as an IT Contractor
In this exclusive online training you'll learn how you can:
  • ESCAPE the shackles of your Permanent IT job
  • OVERCOME your fears & create a powerful mindset
  • Enjoy MORE MONEY & MORE FREEDOM in your life
  • Enjoy MORE TIME to do the things YOU LOVE
  • SUPERCHARGE your CONFIDENCE in all areas of your life
  • TRANSFORM your life like MANY OTHERS I've helped
I'll share with you my 3-Step Model for IT Contracting Success, along with my 7 Stages of Mastery for IT Contracting, distilled from over 20 years of successful international contracting experience.
I believe they are the essential ingredients to becoming a successful IT contractor, enabling YOU to live the life you truly deserve.
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New Dates Coming Soon

Extremely Limited Availability

I introduced Dave to IT contracting back in 1994 & I'm delighted he's now sharing his extensive knowledge & experience to help others.

Peter Creme
Peter Creme

Dave was the person who introduced me to IT contracting & helped get my first contract. He has a very impressive profile, with experience to match.

Gaurav Goyal
Gaurav Goyal

I'm eternally grateful to Pete & it was very rewarding to be able pass that forward & help Gaurav. Now I help others transform their lives.

David Gerrish
David Gerrish
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